Pink Panda Halloween 2020

Pink Panda Halloween 2020

Halloween may look and feel a little different this year but even without the screaming kids “trick or treating” at your doorstep, we can still fill October 31st with something sweet. 

We’re here to give you all the guilt-free snacks paired with our favorite list of halloween movies. This year, let’s dress up in our favorite superhero onesies, grab a box (not a bag!) of panda gummies, and marathon binge some spooky classics!

If you’re starting your night at 8:00pm sharp, you’ll have just enough time to go through our full lineup.

Our 90s Halloween movies to watch (in this order, or else…)

1. Who else other than Johnny Depp (the new Willy Wonka) for our first
spine-chilling movie - Edward Scissorhands
- Scissorhands or not, gummies are always the snack of choice

2. Join the Olsen twins in Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
- Wicked witch twins use gummies in their sticky potions. Potions to make you fall in love with all things sweet - yum!

- How many gummies do you think can fit behind that white mask? Scream your answer! Winner gets ‘em all. 

Hope this was a short but sweet guide to enjoying Halloween inside this year! Can’t really complain as long as the gummies are fully stocked (promise, we got your back on that one). 

Stock up your supply here ->

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