Which Friends Character Are You?

Which Friends Character Are You?

Treasure Chews

If you enjoy snacking on our Treasure Chews, then you’re just like Chandler Bing! Unsurprisingly Chandler is a treasure himself with his sarcastic sense of humor and mocking personality. Lucky for him, he gets to marry and fall in love with his best friend Monica. We don’t blame you though, Treasure Chews are easy to get attached to!

Astro Blasters 

If you’ve been having a blast taste testing our Astro Blasters, then of course you’re just like Joey. Joey is always having a blast, regardless of the situation. He’s good-natured, and although not the sharpest tool in the shed, he’s a major foodie, who’s enthusiasm is infectious. You may even find that having a pack of Astro Blasters on hand gets the attention of the ladies just as easy as Joey’s much-practiced pick-up-line “How you doin?”. 

Gummy Bear

Ross is a bear that enjoys gummy bears. He’s clumsy, quirky, a hopeless romantic, smart and stubborn with a big heart. He’s always available for bear hugs too. His favorite pastime is getting married, hanging out at the dino museum and snacking on gummy bears! What a treat he is. 


Find yourself friends like these three and stick by them through it all. We all know we need different flavors sometimes or else it just wouldn't be as fun. 

Reach out to a friend and grab a pack now ->


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